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Antique 19th Century Hand Embroidered Handkerchief with Provenance


Code: 10426


W: 29cm (11.4")L: 29cm (11.4")

This is a 19th century finely hand embroidered handkerchief with pencil drawn design. There is a small card 'Made by Lady Lamb'.

It is a cream colour with slightly darker embroidery. Very slight age browning in places but not very noticeable. There are two pencil drawn designs on tissue, one seems to be an initial sketch.

This came as part of a family archive of lace, having belonged to a  Miss Lamb of Sidmouth. She was a Honiton lace maker and there seemed to be a family history of needlework. There was a small inventory with the collection where this handkerchief is listed - I'll send a copy to the buyer.  There is a photograph of Lady Lamb in the NPG.