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Elsie Johnson, Lace Maker, Honiton Motifs and Archive


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These are 4 hand made bobbin lace Honiton lace motifs dating from the end of the 20th century, a rose, a primrose, a flower bouquet and an eagle, all made by lacemaker Elsie Johnson.

Rose approx 12 cms x 13.5 cms

Flower bouquet 15 cms c 14 cms

Primrose 10 cms x 8.5 cms 

Eagle  15 cms x 13 cms.

Also included is a small archive, including prickings for the eagle and other designs, and two more small pieces of lace made by Elsie. As part of the archive there are typewrtten details of how Elsie came to make the Honiton golden eagle, correspondance between her and  Eagle Star  Insurance (the copyright holder), and how a piece written about her in the staff newsletter almost resulted in a law suit! 

I hope this will be kept together as an archive - so often the link between textiles and their makers are lost.