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19th Century Handkerchief with the crest of Goislard de Villebresme


Code: 10161


W: 47cm (18.5")L: 47cm (18.5")

This is a French  fine linen handkerchief with the coronet and crest of Goislard de Villebresme. Dates from the second half of the 19th century.

The large, finely embroidered crest has two greyhounds standing either side of the coat of arms with the crown of a count above. The border has delicate handworked embroidered leaves with Alencon style needle made medalions. There is a wide hand made Valenciennes lace border.

Generally good condition with just one small brown rust stain. a tiny darn, and some feint discolouration.

There is a similar crest in stone above the doorway of Chateau de Nessay, the family home of Goislard de Villebresme.