Antique 18th Century Painted Silk Waistcoat Panel

Antique 18th Century Painted Silk Waistcoat Panel

Code: 10296


These are two front panels of an 18th Century men's painted waistcoat. It has a sprigged rose pattern, with borders of tiny roses and blue forget-me-not flowers. Border is line edged with pale and dark grey. There are 11 silk covered buttons, each with small painted rose.

It is lined with silk twill, pockets lined with linen. This has been altered, probably in the 19th Century and there is now a line of hooks and loops to the edge of each front opening. There are two machine sewn darts to shoulders, one darn to centre front and very slight damp spotting.

Centre front measures 54cms. Width 26cms at its widest point, 8cms at narrowest.

Although hand painted 18th Century dress fabrics were fairly common, painted men's waistcoats seem to be rarer.