18th Century Silk Lampas Fragment - Blue Bows

18th Century Silk Lampas Fragment - Blue Bows

Code: 10081


W: 31cm (12.2")L: 82cm (32.3")



This is a fragment of 18th century brocaded lampas silk. Pale green and buff stripes with flower sprigs and be-ribboned garland, selvedge to one vertical side. There is a small stapled card label. This came from the archive of the Hamot brothers, a Parisian textile firm. Their vast archive was sold in the 1990s when the firm closed after the death of the last brother. 

There are two printed number stamps on the reverse side. Colours on reverse side are beautifully bright and decorative. The correct side is a little dusty but in general good condition. Small added patched piece to top edge.