Antique 17th Century Venetian Needle Lace Border

Antique 17th Century Venetian Needle Lace Border

Code: 10220


W: 18.5cm (7.3")L: 378cm (148.8")


This is an exceptionally long length of 17th Century Venetian needle lace border.  Heavily restored in the late 19th Century it is made up of several different pieces with re-made brides - you can observe this if you look closely and follow the pattern in the large photograph. . At each end there is a different lace pieced on (21cms & 31cms respectively). This may have been put together to make an alb flounce

Made from linen thread, it is a dark cream colour with a beautiful patina. There are some broken brides, many small restorations and a break to top edge. In addition there is a dark stain and an area of discolouration 162cms from one end, otherwise good condition for age.